Seed Co Limited, a public listed company incorporated in Zimbabwe and quoted on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, is the leading producer and marketer of certified crop seeds in Southern Africa.

Sorghum varieties

Seed Co has a range of sorghum varieties which can be grown throughout the African continent but particularly in areas where maize is a high-risk crop. In these areas where the higher drought tolerance of sorghum is so important it is more likely to produce a crop in years with less than average rainfall.

There are three sorghum varieties available from Seed Co. the brown seeded hybrid is used for malting purposes whilst the white seeded varieties are suitable for flour production, brewing and consumption.

SC Sila (SC Shaku in Zambia) (White Variety)

SC SilaThe first Seed Co white open pollinated sorghum variety, released in 2004, offering small grain farmers a significantly increased yield opportunity i.e. t 30% in 9 trials in 2001/02 season, over currently available varieties in marginal areas.

SC Sila has shown better birdand Leaf Blight resistance than both Macia and SV2. SC Sila can be used for both human and animal feed, and brewing purposes.

Macia (White Variety)

MaciaMacia is a white grained open pollinated variety from ICRISAT. Macia produces uniform robust plants with blod compact heads. Macia is a medium maturity variety with good disease tolerance. Macia is suited for production in the medium rainfall and wetter dry land/marginal regions. Macia is also tolerant to most sorghum diseases.

NS 5511 (Red Variety) NS 5511 is a red seeded hybrid which has good brewing qualities. It has tannin in the seed in the seed making it resistant to bird damage. Yields have been very good in trials and it has the advantage of being slightly shorter and earlier in maturity than previously available red varieties.

SC Smile

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